April 24-26, 2017 | Washington Marriott Wardman Park

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Speeding to Success: Quantifying the Customer Experience
Gerry McGovern - 0845_McGovern.pdf
Building Cross-Platform Conversational User Experiences
Conversational AI in the Gaming Industry
Has Tom Cruise Ever Won an Oscar?
The Conversational User Interface Is a Minefield
Wolf Paulus - A104_Paulus.pdf
PANEL: Do-It-Yourself IVR?
Solution Sessions - Interactions
Achieving Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Virtual Assistance
Defining the Digital Customer Journey & Owning the Micro-Moment
Modernize Your IVR, Get Ready for Digital Self-Service
Tobias Goebel - B103_Goebel.pptx
IVR to Digital Journeys—The New Landscape
Chat Is the Failure of Digital Self-Service
Mary McKenna - B105_McKenna.pdf
Solution Sessions - Convergys
An Intelligent Assistant for High-Level Task Understanding
Alexander Rudnicky - C101_Rudnicky.pdf
Driving Enterprise Success through Conversational Virtual Assistants
Jordi Torras - C102_Torras.pptx
Creating an Effective Company Digital Assistant
Hey Siri, Should I Have My Own Branded Intelligent Assistant?
Making VUI Designers Out of Thousands of Developers
Solution Sessions - Omilia
PANEL: Can You Trust Them?
Jordan Cohen - D101_Cohen.pptx
PANEL: Will Digital Assistants Kill Our (Remaining) Privacy?
Latest Achievements in Speech Recognition, Full Speaker Diarization, Bird Song Recognition, and More
Extracting & Using Gender, Age, Emotion, & Language From Speech
Nagendra Goel - D104_Goel(2).pptx
The Deep Learning Breakthrough & How It Will Revolutionize Conversational AI
Yishay Carmiel - D105_Carmiel.pptx
Solution Sessions - Empirix

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chatbots vs. Voicebots
Crispin Reedy - SD201_Reedy.pptx
Standards for Virtual Assistants
Deborah Dahl - SD202_Dahl.pptx
Are We Close to Really Universal “Speech as a Service”?
KEYNOTE PANEL - The Way Forward: Keeping Speech in the Conversation
What Is So New About Chatbots?
Michael McTear - A201_McTear.pptx
Unified Natural Language for Messaging Bots and IVRs
Voice Services in the World of Bots
Dan Miller - A203_Miller.pptx
Speech in the Connected Car: Embedded Versus the Cloud
Medical Case Studies
Prab Goriparthi - A205_Goriparthi.pdf
Should I Add Voice Interaction to My Hardware Product?
Leor Grebler - B201_Grebler.pptx
Spoken Language Interaction With Autonomous Devices
Deborah Dahl - B202_Dahl.pptx
Voice Biometric Speaker Verification Fused Into Voice-Enabled Devices
Bernard Brafman - B203_Brafman.pdf
Why You’ll Want a Robot
Digital Transformation Case Studies
Jesse Montgomery - B205_Montgomery.pptx
Nagendra Goel - B205_Goel.pptx
The Cooperative Principle in Conversation Design
In Conversation, There Are No Errors
Digital Assistant With Co-Pilot Expertise
Malgorzata Stys - C203_Stys.pdf
Conversational Turn-Taking & Social Robotics
Business Case Studies
David Kapauan - C205_Kapauan.pptx
Flenord & Alsayegh - C205_Flenord.pptx
Flenord & Alsayegh - C205_Flenord(1).pptx
Are SLMs the New Panacea?
Dmitry Sityaev - D201_Sityaev.pptx
Keys to Measuring an NLU Implementation
Why Some Conversational Apps Actually Work, and How to Build One
PANEL: Enterprise Use Cases for Speech Technologies
Castanon-Martinez, Torras, Reich, Pant, Lucas & Tepper - D204_Castanon-Martinez(1).pptx
IVR Case Studies
Eric Dolman - D205_Dolman.pdf

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Grammar Tuning for Newbies
A Hike on the Slopes of Uncanny Valley
Patent & IP Update
Steven M. Hoffberg - SD303_Hoffberg.pptx
KEYNOTE PANEL - The Future of Conversational Robots
Speech Analysis Detects Early-Stage Diseases
Jeff Adams - A301_Adams.pptx
Speech Technology for Augmenting Language Learning Experiences
Blending Self-Service & Assisted Service
PANEL: Adding Visuals to Voice
Jo Roman - B302_Roman.pdf
Reedy, du_Toit & Roman - B302_Reedy.pptx
PANEL: Explaining Tuning Data to Managers
Business Intelligence: The Most Meaningful Metrics
Deborah Rapsinski - C302_Rapsinski.pdf
Now Trending: Voice Biometrics
Unknown Unknowns in Call Centers
Yaghi & Dhanotra - D302_Yaghi.pdf

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