May 23-25, 2016 | Omni Shoreham Washington DC

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Evolution of Intellectual Property Law & Patents
Steven M. Hoffberg - SD101_Hoffberg.pptx
Steven M. Hoffberg - SD101_Hoffberg(1).pptx
Jordan Cohen - SD101_Cohen.pptx
Fight Robocalling, Spoofing, & Other Nefarious Deeds
Ian Roncoroni - SD102_Roncoroni.pdf
Understanding Visual IVR
You Don’t Have to Use a SLM to Improve Customer Experience
Jeffrey (Jeff) D Hopper - SD104_Hopper.pptx
Delivering World-Class Customer Service: Lessons From the Mouse
Dennis Snow - 0900_Snow.pdf
Dimension Data Contact Center Benchmarking Report
Town Hall Discussion: The Future of the Contact Center
New Age of Effective Voice User Experience Design
PANEL: The Changing World of Financial Service IVRs
Bringing Down the Wall Between the Digital & Voice Worlds
Solution Sessions
The Growing Role of Natural Language
William Meisel - B101_Meisel.pptx
AI, the Internet of Things and the CX of Tomorrow
Leor Grebler - B102_Grebler.pptx
PANEL: The Future of the Internet of Things
Voice and the Internet of Things
PANEL: Business Opportunities Enabled by the Internet of Things
Solution Sessions
PANEL: The Intelligent Assistant Landscape
Research on Voice Assistant Adoption & Attitudes
Techniques for the Multichannel Virtual Assistant Era
The Rise of Virtual Specialists
Natural Language Understanding for Virtual Personal Assistants
Michael McTear - C105_McTear.pptx
Solution Sessions
Adam Sutherland - C106_Sutherland.pdf
Challenges of Large-Scale Localization
Victoria Avila Navarro - D101_Avila_Navarro.pptx
Designing Globally: How Do You Design for a Language You Don’t Speak?
Helen VanScoy - D102_VanScoy.pptx
PANEL: Technology To Prevent Cyber Fraud
PANEL: Advanced Security Implementation Techniques
Best Practices for Reducing Call Center Identity Theft, Fraud, & Risk
Leslie Ament - D105_Ament.pdf
Solution Sessions

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Improving IVR Self-Service Using Speech Analytics
Are Mobile Apps Making IVRs Extinct?
David Attwater - SD202_Attwater.pdf
Selecting Passphrases
Talking With Wearables
Keynote Panel: Social Impact of Conversing Robots
Interactive Text Response—IVR Done Right
Tobias Goebel - A201_Goebel.pptx
Benefits of Multilayer Natural Language Processing
Combining Artificial Intelligence With Human Intelligence
Mary McKenna - A203_McKenna.pdf
PANEL: Public Sector Use Cases for Virtual Agents
Stapleton, Schneider & Torras - A204_Stapleton(1).pptx
Public Sector Case Studies
Enrico Giannotti - A205_Giannotti.pptx
Lightning Session: High-Resolution Analytics
Daniel O'Sullivan - B201_OSullivan.pptx
Ian Ng - B201_Ng.pptx
Douglas Rosenberg - B201_Rosenberg.pptx
Big & Unstructured: Speech as the Next Big Data Frontier
Adam Sutherland - B202_Sutherland.pdf
The Ties That Bind Us: Multimodal Applications & Data
A/B Testing With User Feedback
Virtual Assistant Case Studies
Dialogue Tuning Power-Ups
Dominique Boucher - C201_Boucher.pdf
PANEL: The Impact of Tuning on Containment
Micha Baum - C202_Baum.pdf
Keeping a Mature Natural Language Solution Business Relevant
Tools for Voice Interaction Design
Healthcare Case Studies
Szczurek & Apodaca - C205_Szczurek.pdf
How Statistical Language Models Work
David L Thomson - D201_Thomson.pdf
Recent Enhancements to an Open Source Personal Assistant
Customize Your Speech Application
Jeff Adams - D203_Adams.pptx
Improving Recognition Accuracy
IVR Case Studies
McCrackin & Senturia - D205_McCrackin.pptx

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Emotional Intelligence-Driven Voice User Interface Design
Michael Mendelson - SD301_Mendelson.pdf
Challenges and Solutions of Identity & Voice
Mary Constance Parks - SD302_Parks.pdf
The Danger of Standards
Overview of Speech Recognition Applications to Support Air Traffic Management
Driven to Distraction? Speech Technologies in the Automobile
Richard Young - 0900_Young.pdf
New Applications for Using Voice, Part 1
Rasa & Balentine - A301_Rasa.pdf
New Applications for Using Voice, Part 2
Vinay Dwivedi - A302_Dwivedi.pdf
How the Google Wallet App Leverages NLU
Talking Toys: Technology & Outlook
The Art and Architecture of Focused Prompting
Bridging the Gap to the Sci-Fi Promise
Designing the Conversation
Aaron Gustafson - Download presentation here
PANEL: The Future of Conversational User Interfaces
An Examination of Speech-Enabled Technologies in the Car
Car Makers Challenge NHTSA Driver Distraction Guidelines
Innovations in Monitoring Driver Attention
Roberto Sicconi - C303_Sicconi.pdf
Roberto Sicconi - C303_Sicconi.mp4
PANEL: Designing for Drivers
FIDO & You: How FIDO Standards Enhance Security & Protect Against Threats
Paul Grassi - D301_Grassi.pdf
PANEL: The Future of Speech Standards
PANEL: The AVIxD Design Guidelines
Knowing What Not to Do
Kristie Goss-Flenord - D304_Goss-Flenord.pptx

Thursday, May 26, 2016

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