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SpeechTEK 2013 - Thursday, August 22, 2013
STKU-9 – Using W3C Standard Languages to Develop Multimodal Applications
1:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m
Nagesh Kharidi - Openstream Inc.
Deborah Dahl, Principal - Conversational Technologies

The Multimodal Architecture is a standard for integrating components of a multimodal system into a smoothly coordinated application through the use of standard life-cycle events. EMMA is used within the Multimodal Architecture to represent the semantics of user inputs in a modality-independent fashion. Learn how to use these standards to enhance existing applications with multimodality (e.g., typing, handwriting, speaking) using the Openstream's Cue-me platform and the AT&T Speech Mashup. Attendees can explore using EMMA and the MMI Architecture in a browser client. To illustrate the concepts, attendees can apply these standards to build a form-filling application that fills multiple form slots from a single utterance.

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