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August 13 - 15, 2012
New York Marriott Marquis
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Monday, August 13, 2012
Sunrise Discussions
SD101: Heading Toward Intelligent Agents: Examining the Path Ahead
SD102: Speech and the Ebook Experience
SD103: Technology Licensing
SD104: Can Agents Make or Break Your Speech Solution?
Welcome & Opening Keynote
Become Preferred: Up-Level the Brand Experience
Business Strategies
A101: PANEL: Agent/Automation Balance
A102: Setting Goals for Automation
Kristie Goss - A102_Goss.pptx
A103: Balancing Business and Design Concerns
A104: The Role of Agents in Successful Self Service
James Sonnick - A104_Sonnick.PPTX
Yoryos Yeracaris - A104_Yeracaris.pptx
A105: Building Trust Through Positive Mobile Experiences
Bill Brown - A105_Brown.pdf
A106: Speech Solution Sessions
Voice Interaction Design
B101: Effective Natural Language
Eduardo Olvera - B101_Olvera.pptx
Pepi Stavropoulou - B101_Stavropoulou.pptx
B102: Improving Design With Data
James R. Lewis - B102_Lewis.ppt
Frederick Parkinson - B102_Parkinson.pptx
B103: PANEL: Design Guidelines
B104: Create Proactive Customer Experiences
B105: PANEL: Making Smart Design Choices
B106: Speech Solution Sessions
Jeffrey (Jeff) D Hopper - B106_Hopper.pptx
Customer Experiences
C101: Customer Opinions of IVR
C102: PANEL: The Smartphone Customer Experience
C103: Managing Customer Experience Design
C104: PANEL: Challenges of Cross-Channel Experiences
Tobias Goebel - C104_Goebel.pptx
C105: Global Customer Contact Trends
Sondra Ahlén - C105_Ahln.pdf
C106: Speech Solution Sessions
Technology Advances
D101: Advanced Spoken Language Research Summary TT
D102: High-Definition Audio
Jim Machi - D102_Machi(1).ppt
D103: Speech in Mobile Apps
Daniel C Burnett - D103_Burnett.ppt
D104: Tuning
Yves Normandin - D104_Normandin.pptx
D105: Advanced Speech Technologies
Deborah Dahl - D105_Dahl.ppt
D106: Speech Solution Sessions
Dave Okamoto - D106_Okamoto.pptx
Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Sunrise Discussions
SD201: Developing Mobile Customer Service
SD202: Educational Options and Resources for Developing Speech Applications
Deborah Dahl - SD202_Dahl.pptx
SD203: Removal of Sensitive Information From Call Recordings
Bernhard Suhm - SD203_Suhm.pptx
SD204: The Unvarnished Truth from a Patent Attorney
Intelligent Voice Assistants, Part 1: The Vision
Business Strategies
A201: Analysts Discuss Analytics
A202: Planning for Cross-Channel Experiences
Rebecca Nowlin Green - A202_Green.pptx
A203: PANEL: IVR Success Metrics
A204: How a Cross-Channel Strategy Affects the Call Center
Lizanne Kaiser - A204_Kaiser.pptx
A205: Case Study 1: Analytics
Yasemin Donmez - A205_Donmez.pdf
Voice Interaction Design
B201: Multimodal Interaction Design
B202: Understanding Multimodal Users
Bruce Balentine - B202_Balentine.pptx
B203: Strategic Multimodal Design
B204: Multipurpose Design Documentation
Karen Owens - B204_Owens.pptx
Dave Pelland - B204_Pelland.pptx
B205: Case Study 2: Voice Verification
Mesut Cure - B205_Cure.pptx
Customer Experiences
C201: Understanding Customer Journeys
C202: Using Analytics
C203: PANEL: Analytics— Promises and Pitfalls
Judith Markowitz - C203_Markowitz.ppt
C204: Unified Cross-Channel Experiences
C205: Case Study 3: Banking and Warehouse Distribution Applications
Technology Advances
D201: PANEL: Intelligent Voice Assistants, Part 2: Achieving the Vision
D202: Enhanced IVR Systems
Brian Feinberg - D202_Feinberg.pptx
Theresa Szczurek - SpeechTEK_D202.pdf
Theresa Szczurek - D202_Szczurek.pdf
Theresa Szczurek - D202_Szczurek(1).pdf
D203: New Approaches to Dialogue Management
Dimitris Vassos - D203_Vassos.ppt
D204: Multimodal and Multichannel Languages and Platforms
Mike Monegan - D204_Monegan.pptx
Deborah Dahl - D204_Dahl.pptx
D205: Case Study 4: Managing Call Center Changes
Phil Shinn - D205_Shinn.zip
Networking Reception
Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Sunrise Discussions
SD301: The Impact of Patent Reform on Speech Technologies
SD302: Hosted and Managed Services
SD303: Trends and Hot Topics in Speech
SD304: Avatars in IVR Systems— Where Are They Useful?
Voice Biometrics: Opportunities and Challenges
Business Strategies
A301: PANEL: Proactive Customer Contact
A302: Biometrics: Deployment Strategies
Brett Beranek - A302_Beranek.pptx
A303: Biometrics: Usage Strategies
Travis True - A303_True.pptx
A304: Importance of Prompting
Daniel O'Sullivan - A304_OSullivan.pdf
Voice Interaction Design
B301: Speech Design in the Living Room
Niman & Herold - B301_Niman.pptm
B302: Design Challenges
Annie Clark Ferreira - B302_Clark_Ferreira.ppt
Annie Clark Ferreira - B302_Clark_Ferreira.zip
B303: The Need for a Caller Bill of Rights
Michael Ahnemann - B303_Ahnemann.pptx
B304: Evaluation Techniques
Customer Experiences
C301: PANEL: Has Speech Improved the Customer Experience?
C302: Measuring Customer Effort
Bernhard Suhm - C302_Suhm(1).pptx
C303: Customer Satisfaction and Voice of the Customer
C304: Speech in Healthcare
Technology Advances
D301: PANEL: Voice Biometrics Best Practices
D302: PANEL: What’s Next for the Connected Car?
D303: Understanding Natural Language Processing
Judith Markowitz - D303_Markowitz.ppt
D304: Cloud Technology and Mashups
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