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Sunday, April 28, 2019

STKU-1: Natural Language Understanding
Deborah Dahl - STKU-1_Dahl.pptx
STKU-2: Principles of Conversational Design
STKU-3: Cancelled - Learn How to Build Engaging Voice Experiences for Amazon Alexa

Monday, April 29, 2019

Opening Keynote: Algorithms in, Humans out?
Keynote - How Companies are Partnering with Conversational Machines
Anthony Scodary - 1000_Scodary.pdf
A101: A Comprehensive Guide to Technologies for Conversational Systems
Normandin & Dahl - A101_Normandin.pdf
A102: Building Customer Service Digital Assistants
Keynote Lunch - The future is conversational, omnichannel, and in the cloud
A103: Best Practices for Bootstrapping an NLU System With Generated Sentences
A104: Creating Socialbots with Human-Like Conversational Abilities
A105: Expert Perspectives: Interactive Media North America and TTEC
Livio Pugliese - A105_Pugliese.pdf
Mark Eichten - A105_Eichten(1).pdf
A106: Marry Visuals With Bots for Twice the Customer Experience
Victor Morrison - A106_Morrison.pptx
B101: Challenges of Implementing Voice Control for Space Applications
George Salazar - B101_Salazar.pptx
B102: Augmenting United Way’s Help Center
David Holland - B102_Holland.pptx
Keynote Lunch - The future is conversational, omnichannel, and in the cloud
B103: ‘Hera,’ the Avatar for Pregnant Women
B104: Using Speech Technology to Understand Brain Injuries
Darius Ferdows - B104_Ferdows.pptx
B105: Working Voice Into the Newsroom Workflow
Kevin Goff - B105_Goff.pdf
B106: Expert Perspectives: Best practices for designing a voice bot
C101: PANEL: How AI Improves the Call Center
C102: The Distorted Crystal Ball and the Future of Ambient Assistance
Keynote Lunch - The future is conversational, omnichannel, and in the cloud
C103: PANEL: Using Biometrics & AI to Establish Trust
Phil Shinn - C103_Shinn.pptx
C104: New AI Techniques for call analytics and call routing
Qian Hu - C104_Hu.pdf
Yoav Degani - C104_Degani.pdf
C105: Innovative Applications of Speech Technology From Academia
Haider & Luz - C105_Haider.pptx
C106: With One Voice: Unifying Conversational Interfaces
Lower & Metts - C106_Lower.pdf

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

SD201: Patent Law Is a Moving Target
Jordan Cohen - SD201_Cohen(1).pptx
SD202: Knowledge Café: Meet the Consultants
SD203: ACIxD Conversational Design Wiki Workshop 1: Brainstorm Content & Organization
Kristie Goss Flenord - SD203_Goss_Flenord.pptx
Keynote - Digital Transformation: Driving CX Excellence
Barton J Goldenberg - 0900_Goldenberg.pptx
Keynote - Breaking barriers with an integrated software suite
A201: Expert Perspectives: GridSpace
A202: PANEL: Problem Solving in the Age of Microservices
Keynote Lunch - The Intelligent Contact Center
A203: Delivering AI Directly Within the Telephony Fabric
A204: Conversational AI in a Disconnected World
Brian Garr - A204_Garr.pptx
A205: AI-Powered Customer Experience Testing for an AI-Powered World
B201: Discoverability in Spoken User Interfaces
Bruce Balentine - B201_Balentine.pdf
B202: Return of the User! Usability Principles for Designing Skills That Stick.
Keynote Lunch - The Intelligent Contact Center
B203: Writing for Listenability
Crispin Reedy - B203_Reedy.pptx
B204: Voice-Enable All Things, Cloud-Free!
B205: Speech Recognition in Challenging Conditions
Jeff Adams - B205_Adams.pptx
C201: What Is Anthropomorphism & Why Do You Care?
C202: PANEL: The Ethics of ASR Lie Detection: What Could, and Should, We Determine?
Garr, Goel, Hoffberg & Soufleris - C202_Garr.pptx
Keynote Lunch - The Intelligent Contact Center
C203: Will AI Replace Humans in Customer Engagement?
Andy Peart - C203_Peart.pptx
C204: Say the Right Thing: VUI Design Ethics
Diana Deibel - C204_Deibel.pdf
C205: PANEL: Speech Technologies Inside the Enterprise
Raul Castanon - C205_Castanon.pptx

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

SD301: Creative Strategies for Choosing a Name for Your Voice Application
SD302: Handling Undesirable Audio in Speech Systems
Sharlene Liu - SD302_Liu.pptx
SD303: ACIxD Conversational Design Wiki Workshop 2: Assembling the Road Map
Crispin Reedy - SD303_Reedy.pptx
Just Like Talking to a Person: How to Get There From Here
Deborah Dahl - 0900_Dahl.pdf
A301: Putting the Voice Assistants to the Test: Surprising Results in the Real World
A302: On Weakness Exploitation in Deep Neural Networks
Nagendra Goel - A302_Goel.pdf
B301: Conversational Interfaces in the Car
B302: From Screens to Scenes: Voice Control in the Digital Home
C301: The Engineering of Emotion
Wolf Paulus - C301_Paulus.pdf
C302: Unlocking the Puzzle of AI and Omni-Channel Integration
Greg Stack - C302_Stack.pdf
STKU-4: Evaluation, Testing Methodology, and Best Practices for Speech-Based Interaction Systems
Nava A Shaked - STKU-4_Shaked.pdf
STKU-5: [Cancelled] Build a Conversational Chatbot for Google Assistant Using Dialogflow
STKU-6: Natural Language Application Development
Deborah Dahl - STKU-6_Dahl.pptx
STKU-7: Identify Skills for the Far-Field, Voice-First Interface
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