The Customer Solutions Expo combines the SpeechTEK, CRM Evolution, Smart Customer Service, and Digital Experience Conference showcases. This central gathering place features the leading sales, marketing, customer experience, and speech recognition solutions. It's the perfect opportunity to meet with C-level executives, industry pioneers, and the technology gurus who help you do your job better. Access to the Expo is included in all registration options.

Expo Hours

Monday, April 29, 2019 | 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  

Diamond Sponsors

Booth 201
Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a set of solutions and products, including GCP and G-Suite, that can help you solve your toughest business challenges. Cloud Speech-to-Text and Cloud Text-to-Speech bring Google's world-class capabilities in speech recognition, conversion, and synthesis to your applications, services, and devices.

Booth 100

Gridspace powers conversational speech understanding and process automation for companies like USAA, Bloomberg and Santander. In 2019 we will process billions of conversational speech minutes and deliver real-time insights. Created at the same lab as Siri, Gridspace is the first to build and deploy purpose-built speech technology for contact centers.

Booth 301
Twilio, Inc.

Twilio is the cloud communications platform that enables innovators across every industry — from emerging leaders to the world’s largest organizations — to reinvent how companies engage with their customers. Twilio has democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, and video by virtualizing the world’s telecommunications infrastructure through APIs

Booth 200

Zoho is the operating system for business - with all the necessary applications to run a business entirely from the cloud. Zoho offers applications for marketing, sales, customer support, finance and human resources. Over 35 million users around the world rely on Zoho every day to run their businesses - including Zoho itself.

Platinum Sponsors

Booth 308
Interactive Media North America

Drawing on its 20+ years in the voice technology arena, Interactive Media provides extensive telephony capability, speech tools, and contact center interfaces to give any chatbot the gift of voice. Transform your chatbot into an omnichannel Virtual Assistant with Interactive Media!

Booth 309

TTEC, a global customer experience company, designs, builds and operates omnichannel customer experiences on behalf of leading brands across the world. The company’s outcome-based customer engagement solutions are delivered through TTEC Digital, providing human centric, tech-enabled, insight-driven customer experience solutions and TTEC Engage, operating customer acquisition, care, growth and digital trust and safety services.

Gold Sponsors

Booth 205
Cobalt Speech & Language

Cobalt is a leading provider of custom speech and language. The company was founded in 2014 by Jeff Adams, who had previously led speech groups at Amazon, Yap, and Nuance. Cobalt offers a broad variety of solutions for speech and natural language recognition, understanding, analysis, TTS, as well as expert consulting. For more information, visit

Booth 306
Datatang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

Datatang is a trusted data assets company engaged in enlarging our database to meet our clients’ various needs. Our database covers image, speech and text data for different AI application scenarios like ASR/TTS, Smart Home, In-car Entertainment, etc. In addition, we also provide data customization services for clients if it’s needed. 

Booth 204
GoVivace Inc.

GoVivace Inc. offers customized enterprise solutions for high accuracy speech to text, to dramatically improve customer satisfaction. Our broad solution portfolio includes speech transcription, speaker identification, and verification, biometrics, gender ID, language ID, age and emotion ID, IVR and call analytics. All our solutions are available on-premise and via a cloud API.

Booth 300
LumenVox, LLC

LumenVox is a speech automation solutions company providing core speech technologies that include the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech Engine, Call Progress Analysis, Speech Tuner, Natural Language solutions support and Multifactor Biometric Authentication. The LumenVox technology provides tools for you to effectively deploy speech-enabled applications to improve the Call Center CX.

Booth 208

Speechocean is capable of providing various types of large databases and data-related services in many languages and accents such as data designing, collecting, transcribing, annotating and linguistic services and other related processing services for many technical fields such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, machine translation, nature language understanding and etc.

Corporate Sponsors

Speech-Soft Solutions

We are a global business solutions provider specializing in customer interaction strategy, conversational speech, Chat & AI enabled applications. Our expert PhDs collaborate with industry leading partners, leveraging innovative tools, proprietary products and emerging technologies to solve business problems Easier, Faster, & with Better value!

Media Sponsor

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Speech Technology Magazine

Speech Technology magazine is where AI and machine learning come alive! Along with SpeechTech, the magazine is recognized as the leading sources of news, information, and analysis relating to the speech technology industry. From chatbots to speech analytics, from AI to biometrics, Speech Technology covers everything you need to know as a developer, vendor, or buyer of speech-related technologies.

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