April 9-11, 2018 | Renaissance Washington DC Hotel

John H.L. Hansen

John H.L. Hansen
CRSS (Center for Robust Speech Systems)
Univ. of Texas at Dallas


John Hansen is a research leader in the field of speech, speaker, and language recognition based on speech processing and machine learning. Has published 675 Books/Journals/Conference papers and supervised 85 PhD/MS thesis candidates who are currently leading efforts in major companies focused on speech/language technology in the area. He has been recognized as IEEE Fellow, ISCA Fellow, ASHA 25 Year Award, previously served as Technical Advisor to the U.S. Delegate for NATO. He currently serves as President of ISCA, and Vice-Chair for OSAC-SPEAKER for the USA. He oversees CRSS-Center for Robust Speech Systems at Univ. of Texas-Dallas.

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