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SpeechTEK 2015 - Monday, August 17, 2015
B101 – First Principles in Voice Interaction Design
10:15 a.m - 11:00 a.m
MODERATOR: Carrie Claiborn, Senior VUI Architect - Interactions
Micha Baum, Senior Principal Speech Scientist - Nuance Communication
Kristie Goss-Flenord, Consultant, Human Factors - Convergys
Randell Neuman, Staff UX Designer - Genesys

Join us for a discussion of the baseline principles that underlie voice interaction design. Learn how to focus on spoken language, design with our ears, and avoid common mistakes made by prioritizing the visual representations of speech designs. Panelists describe how to make sense of application performance data to understand which key performance indicators correlate to better experiences for your customers and explain the vital role of design in any project with a speech interface.

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